Junwei Han (韩军伟)

Northwestern Polytechnical University (西北工业大学), Professor, Deputy Director of Key Laboratory of Information Fusion Technology, Ministry of Education
Research Interests:Computer visionMultimedia information processingBrain imaging analysisremote sensing image processing

Junwei Han was elected as IET Fellow.

1 paper is accepted by TPAMI.

1 paper is accepted by IJCV.

  1. Synthesizing Supervision for Learning Deep Saliency Network without Human Annotation
    D. Zhang, J. Han, Y. Zhang, and D. Xu. IEEE TPAMI: 2019
  2. SPFTN: A Joint Learning Framework for Localizing and Segmenting Objects in Weakly Labeled Videos
    D. Zhang, J. Han, L. Yang, and D. Xu. IEEE TPAMI: 2018
  3. Leveraging Prior-Knowledge for Weakly Supervised Object Detection Under a Collaborative Self-Paced Curriculum Learning Framework
    D. Zhang, J. Han, L. Zhao, D. Meng. IJCV: 2018
  4. Reinforcement Cutting-Agent Learning for Video Object Segmentation
    J. Han, L. Yang, D. Zhang, X. Chang, X. Liang. CVPR: 2018
  5. PoseFlow: A Deep Motion Representation for Understanding Human Behaviors in Videos
    D. Zhang, G. Guo, D. Huang, and J. Han. CVPR: 2018
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