Research Group of Watershed Ecological Networks

Jiangxi Normal University Research Interests:Food web dynamics and riverine networks

Our group mainly focuses on spatial food web dynamics and riverine (dendritic) networks.

Latest news:Jinbao Liao, Daniel Bearup, Bernd Blasius. 2017. Diverse responses of species to landscape fragmentation in a simple food chain. Journal of Animal Ecology (doi:10.1111/1365-2656.12702)


Principal Investigator(PI):Dr. Jinbao Liao

廖金宝19869月出生于江西省宁都县,2014年获得比利时安特卫普大学生态学博士学位并从事博士后研究。20153月在德国奥尔登堡大学的ICBM研究所任助理研究员。201612月回国以优秀海归博士加盟江西师范大学,在鄱阳湖湿地与流域研究教育部重点实验室担任流域生态网络研究组特聘研究员(PI)。以第一作者在国际高影响期刊发表SCI论文十多篇(Ecology, Proceedingsof the Royal Society B, Journal of Animal Ecology, Scientific Reports, Ecological Modelling and Journal of Theoretical Biology),并多次在国际国内重要学术会议中作学术报告。与美国,德国,英国,比利时,日本等发达国家的著名科学家建立了长期稳定的国际合作。主持国际国内基金项目7项,并为多个国际国内期刊审稿,如:American Naturalist,Journal of Theoretical Biology, Ecological Modelling, Plant Ecology, 生态学报及植物生态学报主要研究方向:流域生态网络动力学,食物网动力学,生态学模型,景观异质性,复合种群动力学等。

Dr. Wenjing Yang:

阳文静198311月出生于江西省星子县,2013年获得中国科学院植物研究所生态学博士学位,2010-2012年德国哥廷根大学HolgerKreft教授研究组联合培养博士生,主要研究领域有生物地理学、植物分类学和生物多样性监测。目前主要从事鄱阳湖湿地的生态监测和健康评价研究,研究成果发表在Global Ecologyand Biogeography Jouranl ofBiogeography等生态学主流刊物,主持国家自然科学基金项目、江西省自然科学基金项目、江西省教育厅科学基金项目各1项。

Dr. Jiehong Chen:


Dr. Zhichao Xu:


  1. Diverse responses of species to landscape fragmentation in a simple food chain
    Jinbao Liao; Daniel Bearup; Bernd Blasius. Journal of Animal Ecology: 2017-05-25 ,In press
  2. Robustness of metacommunities with omnivory to habitat destruction: Disentangling patch fragmentation from patch loss
    Jinbao Liao, et al.. Ecology: 2017 ,in press Abstract 
  3. An extended patch-dynamic framework for food chains in fragmented landscapes
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  4. Coexistence of species with different dispersal across landscapes: a critical role of spatial correlation in disturbance
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  5. Species extinction thresholds in the face of spatially correlated periodic disturbance
    Jinbao Liao, Zhixia Ying, David E. Hiebeler, Yeqiao Wang, Takenori Takada, Ivan Nijs.. Scientific Reports: 2015.10.20 ,5 ,15455 Abstract  Download
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  7. Species interactions determine the spatial mortality patterns emerging in plant communities after extreme events
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  8. Gap formation following climatic events in spatially structured plant communities
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