These MATLAB codes and ERP data are for the ERP data processing in terms of  wavelet filter, ICA (Independent Component Analysis) and Tensor decomposition.

The data to process are the averaged EEG over single trials.

It should be noted that the codes are not good for the concatenated single-trial EEG data.

0. Time-frequency analysis of EEG data using MATLAB built-in function


1. Wavelet filter for averaged EEG data of one subject and one condition:

2. Systematic ICA approach to extracting ERPs' components from averaged EEG data of one subject and one condition:

3. Tensor decompostion (CP and Tucker models) on ERP tensor for group-level analysis of ERPs:  



Note: Tensor is multi-way data array.ERP tensor here includes four modes of time, frequency, space and subject.

4. Clustering temporal-spatial EEG data


5. One-way or two-way ANOVA with respeated measurements



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