Research project--National Natural Science Foundation, China

Principal investigator, Multi-way and multi-scale signal processing for EEG elicited by naturalistic stimulus (620 000 Chinese RMB, 2015-2018, four years)

Research project--XingHai Scholar, Dalian University of Technology

Principal investigator, Adaptive Signal Analysis and Processing (ASAP) (780 000 Chinese RMB, 2014-2017, four years)

Research project--Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, China

Principal investigator, Data preprocessing for EEG of one single trial in an ERP experiment for cognitive  neuroscience (380 000 Chinese RMB, 2014-2015, two years)

Research project--Academy of Finland, Finland

Team member, Learning of speech sound discrimination – insights from brain activity recordings in humans and rats (350 000 Euros, PI: Piia Astikainen, 2014-2016, three years)

Research project--Academy of Finland, Finland

Team member, Effectiveness of a  brief psychological intervention for mood disorders: evidence based on psychological and brain measures  (660 000 Euros, PI: Raimo Lappalainen,2011-2014)

Research project--TEKES, Finland

Team member, Machine Learning for Future Music and Learning Technologies  (1 800 000 Euros, PI: Asoke Nandi,2010-2014, four years)

TEKES: Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation  

Grant in University of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä, Finland

International mobility grant from Research and Innovation Office (Three times, 7200 Euros)

Teaching visit grant from International Office (10 times, 16000 Euros)


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