Zhao Zhang (张召)

Distinguished Professor at Hefei University of Technology, Ph.D. (CityU EE of Hong Kong)
Research Interests:Data Mining & Machine LearningImage Processing & Computer Vision

Lab of Media Computing & School of Computer and Information (School of Artificial Intelligence), Hefei University of Technology (合肥工业大学HFUT, 简称合工大)

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I am looking for self-motivated PhD and Master students to do cutting edge research on multimedia data mining & machine learning, image processing & computer vision. If interested, please email me your CV for consideration.  详见Research Group中招生说明,请按照要求提交导师申请!


Jan 3, 2020: Managing Guest Editor for Neurocomputing Special Issue (SI) on Deep Dictionary Learning: Algorithm, Theory and Application (Details about date and submission can refer to this link).  

Dec 31, 2019: Program Co-Chairs: 2020 International Conference on Neural Computing for Advanced Applications (NCAA 2020).  Welcome to attend and submit your manuscripts!  

Dec 31, 2019: In this year, we got 19 papers accepted, including 3 IEEE TIP, 2 IEEE TKDE, 5 IEEE TNNLS, 1 IEEE TCSVT, 1 Neural Networks, 1 ACM MM, 1 IJCAI, 3 ICDM, 1 SDM and 1 ICASSP.

Nov 19, 2019: We will organize a CAAI-ML Young Scholars Forum (中国人工智能学会机器学习专委会CAAI-ML青年学者论坛) at Hefei University of Technology (http://ci.hfut.edu.cn/2019/1119/c3961a224342/page.htm), which will be held on Nov 27-28, 2019. Welcome to participate!  

Dec 31, 2018: In this year, we got 14 papers accepted, including by 1 IEEE TKDE, 2 IEEE TNNLS, 1 IEEE TBD, 2 Pattern Recognition, 2 Neural Networks and 6 ICPR.  

Nov 1, 2018: I joined the Hefei University of Technology, where I am now a Professor and a PhD Supervisor at the Lab for Media Computing (LMC), leaded by Prof. Meng Wang and Prof. Richang Hong.

Dec 31, 2017: We got 6 papers accepted by IEEE TIP/IEEE TII/PR/NN this year.  

Oct 14, 2017: I have been elevated to be IEEE Senior Member and CCF Senior Member.  

Dec 31, 2016: We got 5 papers accepted by IEEE TIP/IEEE TSP/IEEE TII/IEEE TNNLS/ICDM this year.

Aug 18, 2016: A new NSFC research project as Principal Supervisor is approved.  

Aug 18, 2014: My first NSFC research project as Principal Supervisor is approved.  

Oct 14, 2013: My new homepage at escience.cn is created!  

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