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  • Dr. Dong Liang was invited to join the Editorial Board of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (2018-2020)

  • Jing Cheng,  Sen Jia, Leslie Ying, Yuanyuan Liu, Shanshan Wang, Yanjie Zhu,Ye Li, Chao Zou, Xin Liu, Dong Liang, Improved ParallelImage Reconstruction via Feature Refinement, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2017, DOI:10.1002/mrm.27024

  • Dr. Yanjie Zhu received a four-year grant of general program from the National Natural Science Foundation of  China.  Congratulations!

  • Zhifan Gao, Yanjie Li, Yuanyuan Sun, Jiayuan Yang, Huahua Xiong,
    Heye Zhang, Xin Liu, Wanqing Wu, Dong Liang and Shuo Li, Motion Tracking of the Carotid Artery Wall from Ultrasound Image Sequences: a Nonlinear State-space Approach,
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  • Our paper ‘Iterative feature refinement for accurate undersampled MR image reconstruction’ has been selected for inclusion in the Physics in Medicine & Biology Highlights of 2016,  

  • http://iopscience.iop.org/journal/0031-9155/page/Highlights_of_2016

  • Qiegen Liu, Shanshan Wang, Dong Liang*, Sparse and Dense Hybrid Representation via Subspace Modeling for Dynamic MRI, Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics, 56:24-37, 2017)



  • Dr. Dong Liang was elected as the member of IEEE Computational Imaging Special Interest Group (CI SIG).

  • Yanjie Zhu, Xi Peng, Yin Wu, Ed X.Wu, Leslie Ying, Xin Liu, Hairong Zheng, Dong Liang*, Direct Diffusion Tensor Estimation Using Model-Based Method with Spatial and Parametric Constraints, Medical Physics, 44(2):570-580, 2017.

  • Dr. Xi Peng received a four-year grant of general program from the National Natural Science Foundation of  China.  Congratulations!

  • Dr. Shanshan Wang received a three-year grant for young scientists from the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Congratulations!

  • Zhanli Hu, Qiegen Liu, Na Zhang, Yunwan Zhang, Xi Peng, Peter Wu, Hairong Zheng, Dong Liang, “Image reconstructionfrom few-view CT data by gradient-domain dictionary learning”, Journal of X-ray Science and Technology, 24: 627-638, 2016.

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  • Shanshan Wang#, Jianbo Liu#, Qiegen Liu, LeslieYing, Xin Liu, Hairong Zheng, Dong Liang, “ Iterative Feature Refinement for accurate Undersampled MR Image Reconstruction”, Physics in Medicine and Biology, 2016;61(9):3291-3316.  Featured Article


  • Dr. Xi Peng was promoted to be an Associate professor, and Dr. Yanjie Zhu was promoted to be an Senior Engineer, Congratulations!

  • Xi Peng, Leslie Ying, Yuanyuan Liu, Jing Yuan, Xin Liu,  Dong Liang, "Accelerated Exponential Parameterization of T2 Relaxation with Model-Driven Low Rank and Sparsity Priors (MORASA)", Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, Accepted.

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  • Dr. Xi Peng and Shanshan Wang were awarded ISMRM E. K. ZavoiskyStipend, Congratulations!


  • Dr. Dong Liang was promoted to be a full professor.

  • Dr. Dong Liang was invited to be an Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging (IEEE-TMI)  http://www.ieee-tmi.org/

  • Xi Peng, Dong Liang. “MR Image Reconstruction with ConvolutionalCharacteristic Constraint (CoCCo), IEEE Signal Processing Letters.  in press.

  • Dr. Dong Liang was invited to join the editorial board of Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery(QIMS)  http://www.amepc.org/qims

  • Dr. Dong Liang received a four-year grant of general program from the National Natural Science Foundation of  China.  Congratulations!

  • Dr. Yanjie Zhu received a three-year grant for young scientists from the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Congratulations!

  • Dr. Dong Liang's application for the IEEE senior membership has been approved.

  • Xi Peng, Xin Liu, Hairong Zheng, Dong Liang. “Exploiting Parameter Sparsity in Model-based     Reconstruction to Accelerate Proton Density and T2 Mapping,” Medical Engineering &  Physics. doi:10.1016/j.medengphy.2014.06.002.

  • Dr. Shanshan Wang join the group, welcome!

  • Dr. Xi Peng was awarded ISMRM E. K. Zavoisky Stipend, Congratulations!

  • Xi Peng, Leslie Ying, Qiegen Liu, Yanjie Zhu, Yuanyuan Liu, Xiaobo Qu,  Xin Liu, Hairong Zheng, Dong Liang. “ Incorporating Reference in Parallel Imaging and Compressed Sensing, ” Magnetic  Resonance in Medicine , doi: 10.1002/mrm.25272, 2014

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  • Xi Peng, Leslie Ying , XinLiu, Dong Liang, "AccurateT2 Mapping with Sparisty and Linear Predictability Filtering", ISMRM2014,Traditional Poster

  • Mr. Jianbo Liu was awarded National Scholarship for Graduate Students, Congratulations!

  • Yanjie Zhu+, Qinwei Zhang+,Qiegen Liu, Yi-Xiang J Wang, Xin Liu, Hairong Zheng, Dong Liang*, Jing Yuan, “PANDA-T1rho: Integrating Principal Component Analysis and Dictionary Learning for Fast T1rho mapping”,  Magnetic  Resonance  in  Medicine , doi:10.1002/mrm.25130, 2014


  • Nian Cai, Shengru Wang,Shasha Zhu, Dong Liang*,"Accelerating Dynamic Cardiac MR Imaging Using Structured Sparse Representation", Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, vol. 2013, Article ID 160139, 8 pages, 2013.  doi:10.1155/2013/160139

  • Qiegen Liu, Jianbo Liu,  Pei Dong, Dong Liang*, "SGTD: Structure Gradient and Texture  Decorrelating Regularization for Image Decomposition", IEEE Int. Conf. on Computer Vision (ICCV) 2013,  accepted

  • Dr. Qiegen Liu received a four-year grant from the National Natural Science Foundation of  China.  Congratulations!

  • Dr. Xi Peng received a three-year grant from the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Congratulations!

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