Gan Ruan

University of Birmingham
Research Interests:Evolutionary ComputationMultiobjective OptimizationDynamic Optimizationtransfer learning

I am currently a PhD student at the School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham, UK, also working as a Marie Sklodowska-Curie ITN Early Stage Researcher (Computer Science) within the EU funded project ECOLE.

  1. A Pareto-based evolutionary algorithm using decomposition and truncation for dynamic multi-objective optimization
    Junwei Ou, Jinhua Zheng, Gan Ruan, Yaru Hu, Juan Zou, Miqing Li, Shengxiang Yang, Xu Tan. Applied Soft Computing: 2019 ,105673
  2. The effect of diversity maintenance on prediction in dynamic multi-objective optimization
    Ruan, Gan and Yu, Guo and Zheng, Jinhua and Zou, Juan and Yang, Shengxiang. Applied Soft Computing: 2017 ,58 ,631--647 Download
  3. An Adaptation Reference-point-based Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm
    Zou, Juan and Fu, Liuwei and Yang, Shengxiang and Zheng, Jinhua and Ruan, Gan and Pei, Tingrui and Wang, Lei. Information Sciences: 2019
  4. A predictive strategy based on special points for evolutionary dynamic multi-objective optimization
    Li, Qingya and Zou, Juan and Yang, Shengxiang and Zheng, Jinhua and Ruan, Gan. Soft Computing: 2018 ,1--17
  5. A proportion-based selection scheme for multi-objective optimization
    Fu, Liuwei and Zou, Juan and Yang, Shengxiang and Ruan, Gan and Ma, Zhongwei and Zheng, Jinhua. 2017 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (SSCI): 2017 ,1--7
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