Jie (Joe) Gui

中国科学院合肥物质科学研究院 , Associate Professor

Email: guijie@ustc [dot] edu; guijiejie@gmail [dot] com

I have wide range of research interests, mainly including machine learning, pattern recognition, data mining, artificial intelligence, image processing and computer vision, among which machine learning and pattern recognition are my core research areas. Currently I am interested in the following ML/PR topics:

  • Dimensionality reduction, feature selection, metric learning and hashing

  • Deep learning

  • Sparse learning

  • Kernel learning

  • Semi-supervised learning

  • Classification and clustering

  • Applied mathematics: Numerical linear algebra and operation research

My favorite applications include:

  • Biometric recognition (face recognition and palmprint recognition)

  • Digit recognition

  • Text classification

  • Image classification

  • Bioinformatics

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