Lab Tour

1. Scanning photocurrent microscopy (photocurrent mapping microscopy, laser beam induced current microscopy)


1) Spatial resolution: ~0.7μm

2) Wavelength of lasers: 375nm-2μm (continuous laser) and 2.7-4.3μm (nanosecond pulse laser)

3) Temperature: 77-300K


2. Lake Shore TTPX Probe Station with laser illuminstions


1) Simultaneous electronic IV and photoresponse measurements for photodetector, phototransistor, and photodiodes.

2) Laser illumination are 375nm-2μm (continuous laser) and 2.7-4.3μm (nanosecond pulse laser)

3) Keithley 4200-SCS Parameter Analyzer for basic I-V and C-V measurement sweeps to advanced ultra-fast pulsed I-V, and transient I-V measurements.

3. Ultraviolet, visable, near infrared (0.8-2μm), and infrared (1-10μm) laser sources.

4. Van der walls heterostructure fabrication platform

5. Glove box and Fixed transfer

6. Ultraviolet lithography and MicroWriter

7. Atmospheric probe station

8. Home-made imaging system


1) A digital camera was dissembled, the CCD unit can be replaced by phtodetector/photodiode/phototransistor.

2) Ultraviolet, visable, and infrared imaging (Ultraviolet, visable, and infrared camera).

9. Atomic layer deposition and E-beam evaporator

10. Raman spectra, optical microscope, and wire bonding


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