Research Areas

1. Thin-film infrared photodetectors/photodiodes: device physics, design, and space applications of HgCdTe or InSb-based infrared photodetectors for third-generation infrared remote sensing, such as long-wavelength infrared photodiodes, two-color infrared photodetectors, and infrared avalanche photodiodes (APD).

2. Low-dimensional infrared photodetectors/photodiodes/phototransistors: a) device fabrication and physics of two-dimensional material (Graphene, MoS2, WSe2, GaTe, GaSe, Black Phosphorus, Black Arsenic–Phosphorus) photodetectors; surface plasmon polariton (SPP) resonance and polarized enhanced two-dimensional material photodetectors; b) device fabrication and physics of narrow band-gap nanowire (InAs, InGaAs, InP) infrared photodetectors/phototransistors.

3. Far-infrared photodetectors: device fabrication and physics of plasmonic resonant far-infrared (terahertz, THz) photodetector using HEMTs, MOSFETs, and MISFETs.


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