Jinliang Liu (刘金亮)

Zhejiang University, Postdoctor
Research Interests:Community EcologyBiodiversity and ConservationForest Ecology

  1. How does habitat fragmentation affect the biodiversity and ecosystem functioning relationship?
    Liu J.-J., Wilson M., Hu G., Liu J.-L., Wu J., Yu M.. Landscape Ecology: 2018 ,33(341) ,published online Abstract 
  2. 不同时间和空间尺度上台湾水青冈群落谱系结构动态变化(Dynamics of phylogenetic structure in Fagus hayatae communities vary across temporal and spatial scales)
    吴倩倩,梁宗锁,刘金亮,翁东明,张宏伟,于明坚,胡广. 生态学报: 2018 ,38(4) ,待刊 Abstract 
  3. Patterns and determinants of plant biodiversity in non-commercial forests of eastern China
    Wu C., Vellend M., Yuan W., Jiang B., Liu J., Shen, A., Liu J., Zhu J & Yu M.. Plos One: 2017 ,12 ,e0188409 Abstract 
  4. 千岛湖被子植物枝叶性状分化及其与种多度的关系(Differentiation in leaf and branch traits of angiosperms and their relationships between species abundance in the Thousand Island Lake Region)
    余晶晶, 金毅, 郑诗璐, 胡广, 刘金亮, 袁金凤, 刘佳佳, 于明坚. 浙江大学学报(理学版): 2017 ,44(4) ,437-445 Abstract 
  5. 亚热带大陆和陆桥岛屿生境中森林群落的构建过程研究
    刘金亮. 浙江大学博士学位论文: 2017 Abstract  Download
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