Jun Fu

Northeastern University, China, 1000-youth-talents-plan full professor
Research Interests:Dynamic OptimizationNeural networks and machine learningHybrid and switched systemsProcess control

Jun Fu received B.S. from Dalian Nationalities University in 2002, M.S. in Control Theory and Applications from Northeastern University, in 2005, and PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from Concordia University, Canada, in 2009. He is a postdoctoral associate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT), USA from 2010 to 2014. He has been a full professor at NEU from Dec., 2014. He has authored over 60 publications. He is serving Acta Automatica Sinica and Int. J. of Artificial Intelligence as Associate Editor and Regional Editor, respectively.

  • A new PhD position in adaptive dynamic optimization is open. Please contact Dr. Jun Fu at junfu@mit.edu if interested.

  • A new Automatica paper is published online: Jun Fu, Tai-fang Li, Tianyou Chai, and Chunyi Su, Sampled-data-based stabilization of switched linear neutral systems, Automatica, Vol. 72, pp.92-99, 2016.

  1. Local optimization of dynamic programs with guaranteed satisfaction of path constraints
    Jun Fu, Johannes Faust, Benoit Chachuat, Alexander Mitsos. Automatica: 2015 ,62 ,184-192 (Regular paper) Download
  2. Global Finite-Time Stabilization of a Class of Switched Nonlinear Systems with the Powers of Positive Odd Rational Numbers
    Jun Fu, Ruicheng Ma, Tianyou Chai. Automatica: 2015 ,54 ,360-373 (Regular paper)
  3. Robust adaptive dynamic programming of two-player zero-sum games for continuous-time linear systems
    Yue Fu, Jun Fu, Tianyou Chai. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems: 2015 ,26(12) ,3314-3319. (Corresponding author)
  4. Missile Guidance Law Based on Robust Model Predictive Control Using Neural-Network Optimization
    Zhijun Li,Yuanqing Xia,Chunyi Su,Jun Deng, Jun Fu. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems: 2015 ,28(6) ,1803-1809
  5. An adaptive generalized predictive control method for nonlinear systems based on ANFIS and multiple models
    Yajun Zhang, Ttianyou Chai, Hong Wang, Jun Fu. IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems: 2010 ,18(6) ,1070-1082
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