1. Local optimization of dynamic programs with guaranteed satisfaction of path constraints
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  2. Global Finite-Time Stabilization of a Class of Switched Nonlinear Systems with the Powers of Positive Odd Rational Numbers
    Jun Fu, Ruicheng Ma, Tianyou Chai. Automatica: 2015 ,54 ,360-373 (Regular paper)
  3. Robust adaptive dynamic programming of two-player zero-sum games for continuous-time linear systems
    Yue Fu, Jun Fu, Tianyou Chai. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems: 2015 ,26(12) ,3314-3319. (Corresponding author)
  4. Missile Guidance Law Based on Robust Model Predictive Control Using Neural-Network Optimization
    Zhijun Li,Yuanqing Xia,Chunyi Su,Jun Deng, Jun Fu. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems: 2015 ,28(6) ,1803-1809
  5. An adaptive generalized predictive control method for nonlinear systems based on ANFIS and multiple models
    Yajun Zhang, Ttianyou Chai, Hong Wang, Jun Fu. IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems: 2010 ,18(6) ,1070-1082
  6. Adaptive decoupling switching control of the forced-circulation evaporation system using neural networks
    Yonggang Wang, Tianyou Chai, Jun Fu, et al.. IEEE Transactions on Control systems technology: 2013 ,31 ,964-974
  7. Fault-Tolerant Control of a Class of Switched Nonlinear Systems With Structural Uncertainties
    Jun Fu, T. Chai, Y. Jin, C. Su. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems: 2016 ,63 ,201-205
  8. Motion/Force Tracking Control of Nonholonomic Mechanical Systems via Combining Cascaded Design and Backstepping
    Jun Fu, Tianyou Chai, Chunyi Su, Ying Jin. Automatica: 2013 ,49 ,3282-3286
  9. Direct adaptive controller for uncertain MIMO dynamic systems with time-varying delay and dead-zone inputs
    Zhijun Li, Ziting Chen, Jun Fu, Changyin Sun. Automatica: 2016 ,63 ,287-291 (Corresponding author)
  10. Sampled-data-based stabilization of switched linear neutral systems
    Jun Fu, Tai-fang Li, Tianyou Chai, Chunyi Su. Automatica: 2016 ,72 ,92-99

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