Kai Nan

Computer Network Information Center, CAS, Professor Research Interests:Distributed ComputingCloud ComputingCSCW

Kai Nan is a professor of computer science and Deputy Director at the Computer Network InformationCenter (CNIC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). He was Director of China Science and Technology Network (CSTNET). He received his B.S.in electronics engineering from Peking University and his Ph.D. in computer science from the Institute of Computing Technology of CAS.

His research interests include distributed computing, cloud computing and CSCW. He has extensive experience in construction and operation of large scale information systems and Internet services. Since 2007, he has led the development of the Duckling Software, which is ever an Internet-based collaboration toolkit and now a cloud platform service, mainly for scientific research teams. The website www.escience.cn,  a hub of services powered by Duckling, has had hundreds of thousands users in Chinese academia and grows. In 2012-2015, he directs the Science and Technology Cloud project funded by CAS.

Dr. Nan serves as Chair of APAN China and serves on Standing Board of the Internet Society of China, Steering Committee of the Pacific Rim Application and Grid Middleware Assembly (PRAGMA) and Steering Committee of the IEEE International Conferenceon eScience.


Address: 4 Zhongguancun Nansijie, Haidian, Beijing 100190

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