Xinwang LIU (刘新旺)

National University of Defense Technology, Research Assitant
Research Interests:Kernel MethodsFeature SelectionSpectral Clustering

Welcome to visit my homepage. My research interests include kernel learning, feature selection, spectral clustering and latent variable learning.

  1. Model-aware categorical data embedding: a data-driven approach
    Wentao Zhao, Qian Li, Chengzhang Zhu, Jianglong Song, Xinwang Liu, Jianping Yin. Soft Computing: 2018 ,22(11) ,3603-3619
  2. Incremental multiple kernel extreme learning machine and its application in Robo-advisors
    Jingming Xue, Qiang Liu, Miaomiao Li, Xinwang Liu, Yongkai Ye, Siqi Wang, Jianping Yin:. Soft Computing: 2018 ,22(11) ,3507-3517
  3. Consensus learning guided multi-view unsupervised feature selection
    Chang Tang, Jiajia Chen, Xinwang Liu, Miaomiao Li, Pichao Wang, Minhui Wang, Peng Lu. Knowl.-Based System: 2018 ,160 ,49-60
  4. Robust unsupervised feature selection via dual self-representation and manifold regularization
    Chang Tang, Xinwang Liu, Miaomiao Li, Pichao Wang, Jiajia Chen, Lizhe Wang, Wanqing Li. Knowl.-Based System: 2018 ,145 ,109-120
  5. DMP-ELMs: Data and model parallel extreme learning machines for large-scale learning tasks.
    Yuewei Ming, En Zhu, Mao Wang, Yongkai Ye, Xinwang Liu, Jianping Yin. Neurocomputing: 2018
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