Xinwang LIU (刘新旺)

National University of Defense Technology, Research Assitant
Research Interests:Kernel MethodsFeature SelectionSpectral Clustering

Welcome to visit my homepage. My research interests include kernel learning, feature selection, spectral clustering and latent variable learning.

  1. Optimal Neighborhood Kernel Clustering with Multiple Kernels
    Xinwang Liu; Sihang Zhou; Yueqing Wang; Miaomiao Li; Yong Dou; En Zhu; Jinping Yin. AAAI2017: Nov/2016 Download
  2. Multiple Kernel k-means with Incomplete Kernels
    Xinwang Liu; Miaomiao Li; Lei Wang; Yong Dou; Jinping Yin; En Zhu. AAAI2017: Nov/2016 Download
  3. Multiple Kernel Clustering with Local Kernel Alignment Maximization
    Miaomiao Li, Xinwang Liu, Lei Wang, Yong Dou, Jianping Yin, En Zhu. IJCAI-2016: 2016 Download
  4. Multiple Kernel k-Means Clustering with Matrix-induced Regularization (ORAL)
    Xinwang Liu, Yong Dou, Jianping Yin, Lei Wang, En Zhu. AAAI-16: Feb. 2016 Abstract  Download
  5. An Efficient Radius-incorporated MKL Algorithm for Alzheimer\s Disease Prediction
    Xinwang Liu, Luping Zhou, Lei Wang, Jian Zhang, Jianping Yin, Dinggang Shen. Pattern Recognition: 2015 Download
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