1. Dynamic chromatin changes associated with de novo centromere formation in maize euchromatin
    Su, Handong; Liu, Yalin; Liu, Yong‐Xin; Lv, Zhenling; Li, Hongyao; Xie, Shaojun; Gao, Zhi; Pang, Junling; Wang, Xiu‐Jie; Lai, Jinsheng; Birchler A. James and Han Fangpu. The Plant Journal: 2016/8/17 ,Plant J. 2016 Aug 17. doi: 10.1111/tpj.13305. ,41 Abstract  Download
  2. Endogenous Small RNA Clusters in Plants
    Liu, Yong-Xin and Wang, Meng and Wang, Xiu-Jie. Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics: 2014 Abstract  Download
  3. MicroRNA Primary Transcripts and Promoter Elements Analysis in Soybean (Glycine max L. Merril.)
    LI, Jing and LIU, Yong-Xin and HAN, Ying-Peng and LI, Yong-Guang and GUO, Mao-Zu and LI, Wen-Bin. Journal of Integrative Agriculture: 2013 ,12(9) ,1522--1529 Abstract  Download
  4. In silico Detection of Novel MicroRNAs Genes in Soybean Genome
    LIU, Yong-Xin and CHANG, Wei and HAN, Ying-Peng and ZOU, Quan and GUO, Mao-Zu and LI, Wen-Bin. Agricultural Sciences in China: 2011 ,10(9) ,1336--1345 Abstract  Download
  5. Genomic analysis of microRNA promoters and their cis-acting elements in soybean
    Liu, Yong-Xin and Han, Ying-Peng and Chang, Wei and Zou, Quan and Guo, Mao-Zu and Li, Wen-Bin. Agricultural Sciences in China: 2010 ,9(11) ,1561--1570 Abstract  Download

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