Zhang Lixia (张丽霞)

LASG, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Research Interests:simulation and prediction of East Asian summer monsoonprecipitation changes in monsoon region

  • B.S. (2006), Meteorology, Nanjing University of Information Science andTechnology, China

  •  Ph.D. (2011), Meteorology, LASG, IAP, China

  • Jul. 2011-present: Meteorology, Institute ofAtmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • Oct. 2015- Oct. 2016: Met Office Hadley Centre, UK, Visitor

  • Aug. 2017- Nov. 2017: Department of Meteorology, University of Reading, UK, Visitor

  1. Increasing flash floods in a drying climate over Southwest China
    Chan Xiao, Peili Wu, Lixia Zhang, Robin Clark. Advances in Atmospheric Sciences: 2018 ,Accepted ,doi:10.1007/s00376-018-7275-7
  2. ENSO transition from La Niña to El Niño drives prolonged Spring-Summer drought over North China
    Zhang Lixia, Peili Wu, Tianjun Zhou, Chan Xiao. Journal of Climate: 2018 ,Accepted
  3. The effect of horizontal resolution on the representation of the global monsoon annual cycle in Atmospheric General Circulation Models
    Zhang Lixia , Tianjun Zhou, Nicholas P. Klingaman, Peili Wu, Malcolm Roberts. Advances in Atmospheric Sciences: 2018 ,Accepted
  4. Extreme high-temperature events over East Asia in 1.5C and 2C warmer futures: Analysis of NCAR CESM low-warming experiments
    Li Donghuan, Tianjun Zhou, Liwei Zou, Wenxia Zhang, and Lixia Zhang. Geophysical Research Letters: 2018 ,45
  5. ENSEMBLES耦合模式对全球陆地季风区夏季降水的年代际预测能力评估
    张丽霞,张文霞,周天军,吴波. 地球科学进展: 2017 ,32(4) ,409- 419
  6. Aerosol Forcing of Extreme Summer Drought over North China
    Zhang Lixia, Peili Wu, Tianjun Zhou. Environmental Research Letters: 2017 ,12(3) ,034020
  7. Wetting and greening Tibetan Plateau in early summer in recent decades
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  8. Added value of high resolution models in simulating global precipitation characteristics
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  9. Robust increase in extreme summer rainfall intensity during the past four decades observed in China
    Chan Xiao, Peili Wu, Lixia Zhang, Lianchun Song. Scientific Reports: 2016 ,6 ,38506
  10. Different SST warming patterns over tropical Pacific Ocean projected by FGOALS-g2 and FGOALS-s2 under RCP8.5
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  11. Drought over East Asia: A Review
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  13. A comparison of tropospheric temperature changes over China revealed by multiple datasets
    Zhang Lixia, Zhou Tianjun. Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres: 2013 ,118 ,4217–4230
  14. The Interannual Variability of Summer Upper-Tropospheric Temperature over East Asia
    Zhang Lixia, Zhou Tianjun. Journal of Climate: 2012 ,25 ,6539-6553
  15. An assessment of monsoon precipitation changes during 1901-2001
    Zhang Lixia, Zhou Tianjun. Climate Dynamics: 2011 ,37 ,279-296
  16. The annual modes of tropical precipitation simulated by the LASG/IAP coupled ocean-atmosphere model FGOALS_s1.1
    Zhang L. , T. Zhou , B.Wu, et al.. Acta Meteor.Sinica: 2010 ,24(2) ,189-202
  17. Changes in global land monsoon area and total rainfall accumulation over the last half century
    Zhou, T. , L. Zhang, and H. Li. Geophys. Res. Lett.: 2008 ,doi:10.1029/2008GL034881
  18. Observational analysis and numerical simulation of the interannual variability of the boreal winter Hadley circulation over the recent 30 years
    8. Sun Y, Zhou T J, Zhang L X. Science China: Earth Sciences: 2013 ,56 ,647-661
  19. A Comparison of the Medieval Warm Period, Little Ice Age and 20th Century Warming simulated by the FGOALS Climate System Model
    10. ZHOU TianJun, LI Bo, MAN WenMin, ZHANG LiXia, ZHANG Jie. Chinese Science Bulletin: 2011 ,56 ,3028-3041
  20. 积云参数化方案对热带降水年循环模态模拟的影响
    张丽霞,周天军,曾先锋,陈昊明,包庆. 大气科学: 2011 , 35(4) Abstract 
  21. 气候系统模式FGOALS_s1.1对热带降水年循环模态的模哪
    张丽霞,周天军,吴波,包庆. 气象学报: 2008 , 66(6) Abstract 
  22. 20世纪温度变化中自然变率和人为因素的影响:基于耦合气候模式的归因模拟
    满文敏,周天军,张丽霞,吴波,张洁. 地球物理学报: 2012 , 55(2) Abstract 
  23. GAMIL1.0大气模式模拟的西北太平洋夏季风:阵风参数化方案的影响
    刘晓娟,周天军,张丽霞,邹立维,吴波,李忠贤. 大气科学: 2011 , 35(5) Abstract 
  24. 气候系统模式FGOALS_gl模拟的赤道太平洋年际变率
    满文敏,周天军,张丽霞. 大气科学: 2010 , 34(6) Abstract 
  25. 东亚副热带西风急流及其年际变率的海气耦合模式模拟
    蔡琼琼,周天军,吴波,李博,张丽霞. 海洋学报(中文版): 2011 , 33(4) Abstract 
  26. 对流层和平流层温度中ENSO信号的多种资料比较
    于超越,周天军,李博,张丽霞. 大气科学: 2011 , 35(6) Abstract 
  27. 夏季西北太平洋副热带高压的两种年际变率模态
    何超,周天军,邹立维,张丽霞. 中国科学 地球科学: 2012 ,42(120 ,1923-1936
  28. NCEP/NCAR再分析资料所揭示的全球季风降水变化
    林壬萍,周天军,薛峰,张丽霞. 大气科学: 2012 ,36(5) ,2083-2095

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