Lizhe Wang

Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor
Research Interests:Spatial Information ProcessingCloud Computinghigh performance computing

Dr. Wang is a “ChuTian” Chair Professor at School of Computer Science, China Univ. of Geosciences (CUG), and a Professor at Inst. of Remote Sensing & Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Prof. Wang received B.E. & M.E from Tsinghua Univ. and Doctor of Eng. from Univ. Karlsruhe (Magna Cum Laude), Germany. Prof. Wang is a Fellow of IET, Fellow of British Computer Society. Prof. Wang serves as an Associate Editor of IEEE TPDS, TCC and TSUSC. His main research interests include HPC, e-Science, and remote sensing image processing.

  1. Our paper "pipsCloud: High performance cloud computing for remote sensing big data management and processing" is listed as most downloaded in FGCS.

  2. Dr. Lizhe Wang received 2017 IEEE TCSC Award of Excellence for Middle Career Researchers

  3. Dr. Lizhe Wang delivered a keynote speach "Parallel Streaming Trajectory Big Data on GPUs" at IEEE CloudCom'16.

  4. Dr. Lizhe Wang is nominated as associated editor of IEEE TPDS.

  5. Prof. Lizhe Wang delivered a keynote speach "Big Earth Data Computing: Understanding the Unobserved" at 2016 The International Conference on Smart X.

  6. Prof. Lizhe Wang serves as Associated Editor for China Scientific Data.

  7. Prof. Lizhe Wang serves as an Associated Editor for newly-launched IEEE transactions on Sustainable Computing.

  8. Prof. Lizhe Wang serves as a PC member of HPDC'16.

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