2018.7.11, Hao gives invited talk at CIOP 2018, Beijing.

2018.6.25, Wanqin's paper on imaging through scattering media is out.

2018.6.22, Prof. Shuo Pang from CREOL, University of Central Florida, visits our lab.

2018.5.26, Ao Zhou defends his Master Thesis. Congratulations!

2018.5.10, Guohai gives Keynote talk at icOPEN, 2018.

2018.1.10, Guohai gives invited talk at the IMS workshop, held in NUS, Singapore.

2017.12.19, Meng's paper on deep-learning ghost imaging is out.

2017.12.15, Haichao's paper on fast and high-resolution light-field acqusition is out.

2017.12.3, Jinying's paper on the generation of radial polarized Lorentz beam using metasurface is out

2017.11.25, Guohai gives invited talk at ICAOP 2017 at Hisar, India.

2017.10.29, Guowei wins best student paper award in OIT 2017

2017.8.10, Prof. Yunlong Sheng from University Laval, Canada, visits our lab.

2017.7.26, Prof. Weihong Qiu from Oregon State University, USA, visits our lab.

2017.7.20, Meng's paper on modal decomposition of optical fibers using DH is out.

2017.7.20, Wei's paper on interferometric rotating point spread function is out.

2017.7.20, Guohai gives invited talk at Photorefractive Photonics, Qingdao

2017.7.18, Guohai gives invited talk at CIOP, Harbin

2017.6.13, Caihong defends her Master thesis. Congratulations!

2017.5.29-6.1, Guowei, Haichao, Ni, and Guohai attend DH2017 in Jeju Island, South Korea.

2017.4.20, Prof. Situ gives invited talk at Information Photonics, Yokohama, Japan.

2017.4.5, Cyphertext-only attack on DRPE is out.

2017.4.4, High speed CGI is out.

2017.3.21, Autofocusing algorithm for digital holography is out. Paper can be found here

2017.2.14, Noise analysis in light field acquisition is out. Paper can be found here

2017.2.10, One of our pervious paper is listed in the Most-Cited Articles in the history of Optics Letters. It is free to download throughout the year here.

2016.10.25, Interview by Ben Skuse was published in the UK magazine E&T. Full article can be found here

Upcoming Conferences

  1. 8th International Multidisciplinary Conferenceon Optofluidics (IMCO 2018), Aug. 5-8, Shanghai

  2. Speckle, Sep. 10-12, Bishop's Palace, Janow Podlaski, Poland

  1. Imaging through scattering media with the auxiliary of a known reference object
    W. Yang, G. Li, and G. Situ. Sci. Rep.: 2018 ,8 ,9614
  2. Fast and high-resolution light field acquisition using defocus modulation
    H. Wang, N. Chen, S. Zheng, J. Liu, and G. Situ. Appl. Opt.: 2018 ,57 ,A250-A256
  3. Deep-learning-based ghost imaging
    M. Lyu, W. Wang, H. Wang, H. Wang, G. Li, N. Chen and G. Situ. Scientific Reports: 2017 ,7 ,17865
  4. Generation of Radial Polarized Lorentz Beam with Single Layer Metasurface
    J. Guo, X. Wang, J. He, H. Zhao, S. Feng, P. Han, J. Ye, W. Sun, G. Situ, and Y. Zhang. Adv. Opt. Materials: 2018 ,6 ,1700925
  5. Phase problems in optical imaging
    G. Situ and H. Wang. Front. Inform. Technol. Electron. Eng.: 2017 ,18 ,1277-1287
More Papers

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