Yuefang Sun 孙跃方

Shaoxing University, Associate Professor
Research Interests:Graph TheoryCombinatorial OptimizationGraph Algorithms

Yuefang Sun received his PhD in Mathematics from Center for Combinatorics, Nankai University under the supervision of Professor Xueliang Li in Jun. 2012. After that, he became a member of Shaoxing University. Since Dec. 2015, he has been Associate Professor of Department of Mathematics, Shaoxing University. His main research interests include Graph Theory, Combinatorial Optimization and Graph Algorithms. He has published 1 monograph, and has more than 30 papers published or accepted for publication.

  1. Rainbow matchings in edge-colored complete split graphs
    Zemin Jin, Kecai Ye, Yuefang Sun, He Chen. accepted for publication in European J. Combin. (SCI):
  2. Large rainbow matchings in semi-strong edge-colorings of graphs
    Zemin Jin, Kun Ye, He Chen, Yuefang Sun. accepted for publication in Discrete Math. Algorithms Appl.:
  3. Sharp Nordhaus-Gaddum-type lower bounds for proper connection numbers of graphs
    Yuefang Sun. accepted for publication in Graphs’ Optimization Problems and their Computational Complexities, Springer Optimization and Its Applications:
  4. Rainbow total-coloring of complementary graphs and Erdos-Gallai type problem for the rainbow total-connection number
    Yuefang Sun, Zemin Jin, Jianhua Tu. accepted for publication in Discuss. Math. Graph Theory. (SCI):
  5. On the total rainbow connection of a graph
    Yuefang Sun. Accepted for publication in Acta Math. Appl. Sin. Engl. Ser. (SCI):
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