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Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Associated researcher Research Interests:pulsarmagnetarneutron star

Pulsars are good clocks in the Universe. They have many applications. I am mainly interested in why pulsars are good clocks. I want to know (1) the spindown mechanism of pulsars, (2) the origin of their multiwave radiations (including radio & optical/IR & X-ray & gamma-ray etc). I am especially interested in a special kind of pulsars, i.e. magnetars (and related objects, including XDINSs, CCOs, HBPSRs etc).

Twinkle Twinkle little pulsar, how I wonder what you are!

I do not know whether you are a neutron star or a quark star.

At present the only thing I aware

All pulsars are not magnetars.




第一讲:狭义相对论 01_special_relativity.pdf

第二讲:广义相对论 02_general_relativity.pdf


第三讲:白矮星 03_white_dwarfs.pdf

第四讲: 中子星 04_nuetron_stars.pdf

第五讲:黑洞 05_black_holes.pdf




第八讲:吸积过程 08_accretion_disk.pdf


第九讲:超新星 09_supernova.pdf

第十讲:超新星遗迹和宇宙线 10_SNR_and_CR.pdf

第十一讲:脉冲星和磁星 11_pulsar_magnetar.pdf

第十二讲:致密双星 12_compact_binary.pdf

第十三讲:伽玛射线爆 13_GRBs.pdf

第十四讲:活动星系核  14_AGN.pdf



Jianping YUAN (XAO), Wei WANG (NAOC),Renxin XU (PKU),  Liming SONG (IHEP)

Students: Feifei KOU, Shijun DANG

Paperlist of H. Tong:

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    **** RCS and X-ray dim isolated neutron stars ****

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    **** On Fermi observations of magnetars ****

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    **** Wind braking of magnetars ****

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    **** Wind braking of pulsars ****

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    **** Accreting magnetars and Others ****

  15. Tong, H., Wang, W., 2014, "Central compact objects, superslow X-ray pulsars, gamma-ray bursts: do they have anyting to do with magnetars?", arXiv:1406.6458    (It will not be submitted to any journal)

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    **** Coauthored papers ****

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    **** Conference proceedings ****

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