Baoxiang Wang

Peking University , Professor Research Interests:Nonliear partial differential equationHarmonic analysisBanach function spaces

I am a Professor in the School of Mathematical Sciences at Peking University. My main subjects are nonlinear partial differential equations, real harmonic analysis and the theory of function spaces. I am interested in the dispersive equations such as nonlinear Schrodinger equation, nonlinear Klein-Gordon equation and KdV like equation. Navier-Stokes equation is also my favoriate subject. In Harmonic Analysis I like modulation spaces and Besov type spaces and their applications to nonlinear PDE. During 1990--2001, one of my main subject is Banach function spaces--Orlicz spaces.

  • Hebei University  Mathematics, Bachelor | 1983. 9--1987. 6

  • Harbin University of Scienece and Technology  Pure Mathematics,  Master |  1987.8--1990. 5

  • Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics  Applied Mathematics, Ph Doctor | 1990.8-1994.2

  • 1994--1995, Hebei University,  Assistant Professor of Mathematics,

  • 1995--1997, Hebei University, Associate Professor of Mathematics,

  • 1997--2001, Hebei University, Professor of Mathematics

  • 2002--Present, Peking University, Professor of Mathematics

Phone: 86 10 62755951 (O)


Address: LMAM, School of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University, Beijing 100871 China

Wang Baoxiang’s Publications

1. Baoxiang Wang,  Ill-posedness for the Navier-Stokes equation in critical Besov spaces,  Advances in Mathematics, 268 (2015), 350--372.

    2. Jinsheng Han, Baoxiang Wang, alphamodulation spaces (I) embedding, interpolation and algebra properties, J. Math. Soc. Japan, 66 (2014)  1315–1373.

3. Wang Baoxiang, Globally well and ill posedness for non-elliptic derivative Schrödinger equations with small rough data.  J. Funct. Anal., 265 (2013), 3009–3052.

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6.  Hajaiej,Hichem; Molinet,Luc; Ozawa,Tohru; Wang,Baoxiang Necessary and sufficient conditions for the fractionalGagliardo-Nirenberg inequalities and applications to Navier-Stokes andgeneralized boson equations. Harmonic analysis and nonlinear partialdifferential equations, 159-175, RIMSKôkyûroku Bessatsu,  B26, Res. Inst. Math. Sci.  (RIMS), Kyoto,  2011.

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1.      2000, World Congress of Nonlinear Analysts,Cartania, Italy, one hour speaker

2.      2004 World Congress of Nonlinear Analysts, Orlando, US,one hour speaker and organizer

3.      2006, International Conference on FunctionSpaces VIII, Poznan,plenary speaker (50 minutes),

4.      2008, World Congress of Nonlinear Analysts,Orlando, US, one hour speaker and organizer

5.      2008, Pseudo-Differential Operators andRelated Topics II, Vaxjo, plenary speaker (30 minutes),

6.      2009, Workshop on Differential Equations, Nagoya University, invited lecture (50 minutes)

7.      2009, International Conference on FunctionSpaces IX, Krakow,  plenary speaker (50 minutes)

8.      2009, The 9th internationalconference by graduate school of mathematics, Nagoya University—HarmonicAnalysis and Partial Diff Equation, Invited lecture (50 minites)

9.      2010, June  14—17, Workshop"Fourier Analysis and Partial Differential Equations",  Gottingen Unicersity,  Invited lecture (50 minites)

10.  2010, July 5—7,  RIMS Symposium ``Harmonic Analysis and Nonlinear PDE" , Kyoto University, Invited lecture (50 minites)

11. 2011, March 7--11 "Hyperbolic partial Differential Equations",  Imperial College London, Invited talk (50 minutes)

12. 2012 August 9--13, International Function Spaces X, Poznan 2012 (40 minutes plenary lecture)

13. 2013 July 6-8, Workshop on "Harmonic Analysis and Nonlinear PDE", Kyoto, RIMS (2 hour lecture)

14. 2013 August 5-9, ISAAC Congress 2013, Krakow (50 minutes plenary lecture)


1995, A.Mickiewicz University, Professor Hudzik

2001, The University of Chicago, Professor Carlos E Kenig

2005, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Professor Zhouping Xin

2006, A.Mickiewicz University, Professor Hudzik

2008, Princeton University, Professor S. Klainerman

2009,Vienna University,Professor H. G. Fechtinger

2009,Nagoya University,Professor M. Sugimoto

2009, Kyoto University, Professor K. Nakanishi

2010, ToursUniversity, Professor L. Molinet

2013,  Kyoto University, Professor Y. Tsutsumi

2014,  Kyoto University, Professor Y. Tsutsumi

2014,  Imperial College London, Professor M. Ruzhansky


2005---2008, EditoralBoard, Front. Math. China

2006---, Reviewerof Mathematical Review

2010,3 --,Advances of Math in China,Associte Editor in Chief

2010, 5--, Journalof Partial Differential Equations, Member of Editorial Board

2014,1--Fasciculi  Math. Member of Editorial Board

Yueling Jia: Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, Associate Professor (Master student 1998-2000)

Zhaohui Huo: Institute of Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Associate Professor (Master student 1998-2000)

Chengchun Hao: Institute of Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Associate Professor (Master student 1999-2001)

Caixia Shen: Jiang Su University, Associate Professor (Master student 1999-2001)

Xiuqing Chen: Beijing Youdian University,  Associate Professor(Master student during 2000-2003)

Lifeng Zhao Chinese University of Science and Technology, Associate Professor (Ph D. 2002-2007, Joint with Prof Weiyue Ding)

Chunyan Huang: Central University of Finac., Ph D. 2003-2006

Lijia Han: North Central University of Elect., Associate Professor, Ph D 2004-2009

Zihua Guo: Peking University, Associate Professor, Ph D 2004-2009 (Joint with Profs Carlos Kenig and Lizhong Peng)

Yuzhao Wang: North Central University of Elect., Associate Professor, Ph D 2005-2010 (Joint with Prof Carlos Kenig)

Shuxia Wang, Ph D 2009-2013 (Joint with Prof Kenji Nakanishi)

Rongrong Zhang, Master 2010-2013

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