Zhaohui Wang

Xiamen University,School of International Relations, Assistant Professor
Research Interests:International RelationsInternational Political EconomyWorld EconomyChina StudySoutheast Asia Study

  • Xiamen University, School of International Relations, Assistant Professor | 2017.7-Until Now

  • Xiamen University, School of International Relations, Lecturer | 2016.10-2017.7

  • University of Warwick, Department of Politics and International Studies, Teaching Assistant | 2015.10-2016.7

  • PhD in Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick | 2013.9-2017.7

  • MSc in International Political Economy (Research), London School of Economics and Political Science | 2011.9-2013.1

  • BSc in Economics, Renmin University of China | 2008.9-2011.7

  • BA in International Political Economy, Renmin University of China | 2007.9-2011.7

  1. “Will China Reshape the World Order After the Global Economic Crisis?”, Plunging into Turmoil in the Aftermath of Crisis (ed. by Cristina Montalvão Sarmento), Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018, 137-162.

  2. “The resumption of China’s exchange rate reform and the internationalization of RMB between 2010 and 2013”, Journal of Contemporary China (SSCI), 2017, 26(108), 852-869, single author.

  3. “The economic rise of China as rule-taker, rule-maker or rule-breaker?”, Asian Survey (SSCI), 2017, 57(4), 595-617, single author.

  4. “China’s exchange rate policy making: International pressures meet domestic politics”, Asian Studies Review (SSCI), 2017, 41(1), 20-39, single author.

  5. Book Review “The Great Wall of Money: Power and Politics in China’s International Monetary Relations. Edited by Eric Helleiner and Jonathan Kirshner”, The China Review (SSCI), 2015, 15(2), 174-176.

  1. Introduction to International Relations (Xiamen University)

  2. Advanced Course on International Relations (Xiamen University)

  3. Political Research in the 21st Century (University of Warwick)

  1. January 2018 to present, research project on The Comparative Political Economy of China’s and Malaysia’s Exchange Rate Reforms, funded by the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities.

  2. October 2014 to September 2015, research project on The International Political Economy of China’s Exchange Rate Policy Making, funded by the French Centre for Research on Contemporary China.

Email: zhaohuiwang@xmu.edu.cn

Address: School of International Relations, Xiamen University

307 Nan'an Building, 422 Siming South Road, Xiamen, Fujian, China

Postcode: 361005

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